Olive and the Bean – from beautiful woven wall hangings, to plush home decor!

So waaaay back around the last holiday season (I can only guess by the wrapping paper in these images) I did a trade with a wonderful woman named Tiffany who runs an Etsy shop called Olive and the Bean. Not only does she create beautiful woven wall hangings with found objects and items she finds antiquing, but she also stitches up these beautiful pillows which you will see in a moment!

We did a double trade, so two of my embroideries for two of her items! I sent over two adorable kitten portraits and in return she sent these wonderful creations.

My parcel came just like this! All wrapped up in this amazing brown paper and stamped this cute little deer image on the back. It was amazingly simple and to the point and it looked like something you could just chuck under a Christmas tree if you had ordered it as a gift.
Sidebar: it did not come ripped, that was Purrl’s doing because she always tries to eat paper based products. 

The items inside came wrapped in this awesome black and white striped tissue paper. I love these colors together!! I have a purse that’s exactly like this, brown on the outside and all striped on the inside. Maybe that’s just ‘my aesthetic’..

Oh my gosh look!! It’s a kitty pillow! Not just ANY kitty pillow at that, but one with a lil koala nose just like Purrl!! It’s a Purrl pillow! This thing is seriously amazing, it’s soft, stuffed well, and it’s definitely not one of those items where you look at it and think “I’ve seen that at JoAnns – I could make that”.. You can seriously just feel the love that went into it when you look at it. I mean..

Come on, she even added a little tail on the back!! Look it’s Real Purrl and Pillow Purrl!


Also in the parcel was this beautiful woven wall hanging! I had requested lavender/lilac, and mossy earth tones for it. I had no idea what to expect and oh man I love it!

It’s so beautiful and detailed! Look at all of those little bits in there! Every time I look at it I find something new to love about it and something to admire that I didn’t notice before.

These items instantly had a place in our apartment. The little Purrl pillow is an excellent addition to our mantel and is right at home with some other cat decor! The wall hanging is up on this brown peg board thing that is in our kitchen hallway, safe from curious kitty paws.


We use this peg board to hold Very Important Items like a calendar, a painting of a trio of Siamese cats my little brother picked up for me somewhere, and a bunch of IKEA pencils I grab when we shop there. Now it also keeps this beautiful work of art!

So basically..

Olive and the Bean is such a wonderful shop based in Seattle, WA. Tiffany is incredibly creative and has a unique eye for home decor. She also has a second just for her vintage finds called Loon Joon! Here’s some of my favorite items from her Etsy shop and Instagram feed!


A piece of mine, and a piece of hers! I love how they match! She has such a great eye.

Overall I am completely happy with this trade we did and I’m also obsessed with her shop! Go check it out and I’m sure you’ll find something you love too!

Happy Shopping! 

If you would like to feature your shop, items, or ideas, please contact me at stitchingsabbatical@outlook.com!

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